Authentic Spanish Paella Catering: from 20-45 guests

All our paellas are made with the finest local ingredients and getting served with warm artisanal bread, whipped butter, fresh lemon and homemade salads.

Our paella is traditional cooked in a large paella pan in front of you and your guests by our professional chef. It is visually entertaining and we often find guests standing around the big paella pan talking to the chef watching their paella being prepared and cooked.

All our paellas are made with the finest local ingredients and getting served with artisanal bread, whipped butter, lemon and fresh homemade salads.

We serve our paellas straight from the paella pan, allowing your guests to come up to our paella pan to be served.

All our Paellas are gluten, dairy and MSG free -Vegan and vegetarian options are available

Local fresh Seafood Paella

$69.00 per person

King Prawns, mussels, scallops, squid, white fish, paella rice, peas, red and green capsicum, tomatoes, onions, fish stock, olive oil, saffron, smoked paprika, garlic, fresh thyme, white wine, bay leaves, sea salt, black pepper, cumin, cayenne, lemon juice

Traditional Chicken and smoked Chorizo Paella

$ 53.00 per person

Free Range of chicken, chorizo, Paella rice, green peas, red and green capsicum, tomatoes, pepper, onions, chicken stock, olive oil, saffron, sweet, paprika, garlic, fresh thyme, white wine, bay leaves, sea salt, black pepper, cumin, cayenne, lemon juice

Classical Meat and Seafood Paella

$ 63.00 per person

King Prawns, mussels, squid, white fish fillets, free range of chicken, chorizo, paella rice, green peas, red and green capsicum, tomatoes, onions, cumin, chicken stock, olive oil, saffron, sweet paprika, garlic, fresh thyme, white wine, bay leaves, sea salt, black pepper, cayenne, lemon juice

Spanish Style Vegetarian Paella with roasted vegetables and fried vegan haloumi

$ 53.00 per person

Paella rice, roasted vegetables, eggplant, beans, peas, garlic, champignons, red ,green and yellow capsicum, pumpkin, zucchini, sweet corn, tomato frito, onions, garlic, vegetable stock, olive oil, saffron, sweet paprika, garlic, fresh thyme, bay leaves, sea salt, black pepper, cumin, cayenne, lemon juice, fried vegan haloumi

Catalan Chicken, Pork and Shrimp Paella

$63.00 per person

Catalan flavoured Paella with free range of chicken, pork, ham, shrimps, paella rice, saffron, tomatoes, green peas, red and green capsicum, green beans, champignons, white wine, chocolate, cayenne pepper, fried almonds, garlic and bread

Traditional Tapas Selection

Choice of 8 pieces Tapas Finger food Items

$ 76.00 per person including GST (from 12 guests)


Please choose a maximum of 8 Tapas Items

or 5 Tapas items and 3 sweet Tapas items making up a total of 8 Items


Savoury Tapas

Spanish Caesar Salad, almonds, white anchovies

Pan con tomate- Spanish bruschetta

Grilled asparagus, air dried ham, tomato, balsamico  

Fried Eggplant, pomegranate molasses, rosemary

Grilled chicken skewers, garlic sauce, saffron rice

Blue eye cod, onions, olives, capsicum, vinegar, extra virgin olive oil

Steamed white fish, white wine sauce, mushrooms, chives

Pintxos-Spanish tapas canape, anchovies, boiled egg, capers

Warm stuffed mushrooms oven baked, feta cheese, peppers

Salt and pepper fried calamari, black garlic aioli, aragula

Grilled octopus, pork crackling, watermelon

Seafood soup, saffron, mussels, prawns, garlic croutons

Eggplant dip with olives and tomato bread

Fried rice Paela with prawns, chicken and green peas

Battered fried baby squid, eggplant relish, red pepper jam

Slow cooked lamb, smoked eggplant pepperonata, pan tostado

Spanish tortilla, chorizo, zucchini, red pepper, rocket salad

Spinach, ricotta dumplings, creamy pinenut dressing

Oven baked Spanish rissoles, in a garlic flavoured tomato sauce

Chicken, leek, mushroom empanadas, chimichurri sauce

Crispy fried cauliflower florets, bacon, sea salt, brown butter

Ham  and cheese croquetas with gazpacho shot

Porcini mushroom arancini, cilantro, sundried tomato salsa

Roast Beef Pintxos, crispy potatoes, mayo, spicy herb sauce

Peperonata baked eggs with tapenade

Sauteed  chorizo, red wine, honey and garlic

Grilled prawn skewers, bacon, green olives

Smokey mini paella with shrimps and squid

Tapas style mini salmon croquetas, lemon mayo

Duck confit, figs, orange, warm fondant potatoes

Sauteed Vegetables, capsicum, onions, aubergine in chat potatoes 

Garlic prawns, garlic, chilli peppers, rice

Tomato and butter bean dip, crostini

Fried lightly crumbed calamari rings with chilli mayo

Crispy fried potato wedges, spicy tomato sauce, aioli

Chorizo, manchego, olive skewers, pinenut pesto

Olives served warm with fire grilled sourdough bread

Broken eggs with chorizo and ham

Shrimp cocktail, avocado, cocktail sauce

Chorizo, olive, courgettes muffin

Camembert, Leek, spinach frittata

Sweet Tapas

Basque cheese cake, berry coulis

Mini lemon meringue pies

Chocolate, beetroot cake, chocolate ganache, salted caramel

Spanish orange and almond cake, with Seville marmalade glaze

Almond, pine nuts, cocoa, coconut, candied cherry cookie

Lemon olive oil sponge cake with citrus and rosemary

Leche Frita -fried milk pudding

Spanish churro banana bites

Vanilla ice cream, hot chocolate sauce, walnuts

Turron- nougat like with almond, honey, sugar, egg whites

Bunuelos- doughnut like fritters dusted with powdered sugar

Perrunillas-Short bread cookies

Crema catalana-Spanish version of creme brulee

Fluffy chocolate hazelnut mousse 

Natilla-Spanish custard with strawberries

Key Lime Pie Mousse Cups

Apple pie empenadas in philo pastry style

Coconut, cranberry scones-lemon whipped cream

Cream cheese and strawberry verrine, pistachio crumble 

Bunyols de vent- choux pastry buns filled with chocolate custard

Mini Fruit tartelettes  with pastry cream filling

Chocolate mousse, olive oil, salted peanut caramel sauce

Natillas de leche- Vanilla Pudding, cinnamon

Panna Cotta with Raspberry macaron

Rum Raisin chocolate truffles

Blueberry cheesecake mousse in verrine

Besos de coco-snowball, coconut kisses

Pear, walnut and yoghurt flan, pistachio ice cream

Pasteis de nata- Mini Portuguese tarts, cinnamon cream

Frisuelos-white chocolate, hazelnut, orange crepes 

Brazo de gitano-Chocolate biscuit roulade

Caramelised pear tarts- sherry flavoured mascarpone

Churros con chocolate caliente -Churros with hot chocolate

Caramel flans- Spanish version of Creme caramel, strawberries